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Colorado Weddings: what you need to know before you arrive

To all of my out-of-towners, welcome! I am so excited for your adventure in my favorite state. Whether you enlist my services or not, I am happy to help you navigate the wilderness I call home. For a list of my favorite Elopement locations, click here.

Altitude Changes

Colorado obviously has a few mountains. They're our biggest attraction with views that will take your breath away (literally). If you're from a lower altitude area, chances are you'll need some time to adjust to the new atmosphere, even if you've been here before.

The Sundeck, top of Aspen Mountain

If you fly into Denver, plan on staying a night or two before you head up to the mountains! Your body, and wedding party, will thank you. Visit the Denver Art Museum's rotating collections or catch a show at Red Rocks. Downtown Denver offers everything from craft beer tours, to haunted pub tours, to bicycle ice cream tours! Go easy on the alcohol while your adjusting and make sure to drink PLENTY of water to avoid an altitude headache or nosebleed.

Weather the Storm

I'm sure you've seen the Midwestern jokes about how Colorado can experience all four seasons in a single day. I'm here to confirm that those are NOT jokes. Part of the Colorado appeal is the wild, raw wilderness. Embrace it! Some of my favorite weddings have had inclement weather and they turned out beautifully. Be patient, and be prepared.

Outside the town of Mesa, Colorado

If you're planning a fall or spring wedding, prepare for a possible snow shower and also for 65 degree sunshine.

For summer weddings, be aware that a thunderstorm can arrive at any second, and be gone just as fast.

San Sophia Overlook, Telluride

Self Officiate

Hallelujah! That's one thing to cross off your to do list. Colorado is one of the few states that you can legally marry yourself. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to skip an officiant if that's what you want! But it DOES mean you don't have to worry about finding (and paying) someone to officiate. Maybe choose a close friend to say a few words without having to worry about getting them certified, or run it yourself! This is 2020 people, self sufficiency is IN.

Venture Off Grid

If you have your heart set on a fantastic view, a crystal blue lake, or a flowing field, you don't have to find your location on Google. Colorado has ENDLESS locations that photos don't do justice and probably aren't found online! Feel free to arrive a day or two early and scout out your own ideal location. From 4x4 roads, to trails, to designated ceremony areas, locals are usually more than happy to give a few tips on secret areas. If you aren't comfortable venturing out on your own, think about scheduling a Jeep tour or trail guide to help navigate. As a Colorado native, I have a few tricks up my sleeve, so reach out if you need some tips.

Somewhere close to Island Lake, Grand Mesa

If you're ready to take on Colorado's Mountains for an unforgettable wedding, just holler! There's nothing I love more than helping to create a memory of a lifetime.

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