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Destination Guide

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

It's not hard to see that the western slope has ENDLESS photo ops. Forests, deserts, mountains, and clifftops are practically around every corner! Keep in mind though, the location for your shoot should not only be spectacular, but match your style, personality, and vision.

I'm here to help.

The following areas will focus mostly on the Grand Valley for shorter sessions. For a list of Elopement Locations, click here.


Grand Mesa

How spoiled are we?! The largest flat top mountain in the WORLD is just a jaunty 45 minutes away and covered in picturesque locations. With the views, pines, and fields, this is ideal for any season or style. For summer sessions, be prepared to skip the perfume and opt for bug spray instead.



This might not be the obvious choice, but a calm landscape is great for putting the focus on YOU. With endless hills and views of the Bookcliffs and Grand Mesa, this is a great option for the fall and winter months when the foliage isn't so attractive.

Pro Tip: To catch those fields of wildflowers, aim for spring!


Redlands White Rocks

This boulder field is a local legend. Located at the base of the Colorado National Monument, we'll climb to the top of nature's castle and enjoy the simplicity. This is a great option for winter and seniors!


Palisade Orchards

Palisade; home of the best peaches in the Midwest (probably the world) and some stellar local wine. Both romantic and playful, our local wineries and orchards are a gem! Spring blossoms and fall leaves are both popular, but feel free to visit them yourself in the summer months for wine tours and hand pick your peaches!



Palisade, Fruita, and Grand Junction all have downtown streets straight out of Stars Hollow. For a bold, urban feel, explore the quaint shops and grab a gelato while you're out. Be aware that the crowds and bustle make large groups and wedding parties difficult, so it's best to keep it intimate!

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